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Kathi and Kristin 1920x810 - Why this Doc refers to Kaiut Yoga Boulder

Why this Doc refers to Kaiut Yoga Boulder

Why this Doc refers to Kaiut Yoga Boulder

Posted by Kaiut Yoga Boulder on Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hi this is kristin savory of kaiut yoga boulder and I’m here with one of our long term students, doctor Kathi Friy Kathi can you tell me why do you refer so many of your clients to come. Do kind of yoga with us. Oh, I think, because, as a result of my own practice over the last five years of doing this regularly I’ve seen not only so many changes in my body but I see the power of this particular yoga for everyone so not everyone can do certain kinds of yoga. You know you got other kinds of yoga and people were standing on their heads are there you know and you have to you know you’re intimidated, but this kind of yoga is so beautiful because it works every part of the body and it’s yoga for everyone. Everyone can do it any kind of Page and you, kinda shape whatever physical shape you’re in and over the years. I’ve seen we’ve had we have elite athletes here in boulder who come in alot of them have been injured from many years of doing a lot of extreme exercise and sports and it’s amazing to watch the changes that you does for them and it’s a beautiful thing about it. It’s done gently, but deeply and you do it at your own pace so, for example, when I first started doing ice, I could barely put my arms back behind my head under the bolsters and I had this jiggle 30 it’s gonna be I’d love about this. No more jingle and no triceps dips and no charger longer that’s. Another thing. I love about it so it’s yoga, whatever Nobody can do and I have clients that I’ve sent you’ve had surgery. They had multiple injuries. Um people who are recovering from surgery or people who are really having after they’ve hurt themselves and this yoga is really it’s safe. But it’s deeply deeply effective and it’s mostly done on the floor. So that anybody can do it any size any shape, even if you’ve never done yoga before and I’ve done every kind of yoga over the last 30 years and I’ve usually hurt myself, but with this yoga I just get better and better and I love the fact that I’m gonna be able to do this Little, lady of that is about 40 years from now yeah that is good news great thanks for sharing Kathi. I really appreciate my pleasure. You can check out our schedule at dot yoga boulder dot com. I usually come and join us it’s really fun and if you live in boulder the first four classes are free, free is good yeah