Longevity Plan 1920x810 1 - What's your longevity plan?

What’s your longevity plan?

Hello everyone, it’s Craig here.  I’m just back from an amazing trip getting Maui’d!  It’s great to be back teaching again.

I know I’m one of the youngest in the group, and I’m curious to ask each of you. Have you spent time considering and thinking about your longevity plan?  How would you like to age?

I’m really talking about the nuts and bolts of the quality of your life and how you want to be living.

Many of us talk about wanting to live a long time and would like to enjoy our sports/activities for a long time, but how are you approaching that goal?

At the seed of Kaiut Yoga, we’re concerned with two factors:

  1. Resiliency- the ability for the body/mind to bounce back from injury or illness
  2. Longevity- aging without any losses

Kaiut Yoga has been my primary tool in maintaining my physical and emotional health over the last 7 years. 

For me, Kaiut Yoga is a fundamental aspect of my longevity plan along with nutrition, rest, laughter and companionship. I believe that the consistency of my practice has helped me through challenging times in my life and has increased my vitality and happiness overall. 

Thankfully, Kaiut Yoga is a practice that is accessible. The method is adaptable to meet anyone’s needs. Knowing that, I certainly see myself practicing this method for the rest of my life.

To make this Kaiut Yoga practice even more available to you, we are offering more class times at our Boulder location.  Starting the 2nd week of November I will be leading 4:30 PM MT classes every day of the week.

View our expanded class times here.

Hope to see you on the mat~

Craig & the KYB team

PS. I’m looking forward to learning more and deepening my personal practice in January with Francisco. If you’d like to join the January event season, register here.