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The Answer is in the Restriction

I {Kristin} was recently sifting through my notes from Francisco’s January’s Practice Intensive when a particular quote stood out to me:

The answer is always in the restriction. 

Francisco talked about this idea at length, reminding us (students and teachers) that it is not the comfort in a pose that brings us results, it’s the sticky sensitive areas that can unlock our potential and spark a healing response.

For me, in my practice, it’s taken quite some time and a certain degree of maturity to grasp this concept. With my running background and my go-go-go personality, the tendency to over strain is obviously there. On the flip side it is also true that avoiding sensation (and even discomfort) will never bring the results that we desire.

I have a story to share with you about one of my favorites… my husband, Jim.

Many of you know that Jim had a remarkable moment last September with Francisco. It was one of those lightbulb moments where he clearly “got” the necessity of the practice. Jim has been practicing regularly since then – enjoying potent results, and yet to some degree, needed another uplevel.

In certain poses, he had gotten a little stuck.

He developed a habit of always wanting to use the same support and going to the same depth. Nothing he was doing was wrong in any way. He was just a bit stuck by staying on the edge of sensation.

BK feet 300x200 - The Answer is in the RestrictionIn one of his classes this past week, Jim had the opportunity to delve a little deeper. It was the right timing for him to explore and his teacher helped him find new depth in one of the Kaiut foundational poses. Yes, it was intense for him at first, soon after thought, he was able to settle in with this deeper sensation. The early result was more movement in his ankle, his knee felt better, and he felt a deeper connection to the necessity to practice.

Jim is the kind of guy who loves a plan.

Later in the week, Jim brought me with his work/exercise schedule. As a recovering cyclist, Jim likes a mix of yoga and gym workouts. Without any prodding from me, Jim crossed out his gym time and replaced it with more Kaiut classes. It clicked for him that his yoga practice was providing all the benefits of his gym time and even more. His new goal is to come to class 6 times a week as

The important piece here is that Jim didn’t press or have to force anything. He allowed himself to go deeper and embrace this unknown sensation. The result for him has been a revelation.

From my perspective, it’s super sweet to see the man that I’m deeply connected with and committed to caring for himself on such a level.

There are a few pieces to Jim’s story that are important to acknowledge:

  1. Nothing happened overnight. Jim has been connecting with yoga consistently over the last 6 months.Previous to that he’s been seeing what yoga can deliver by watching me over the years.
  2. Consistent practice. Jim is diligent with his practice. He practices at least 3 x a week in person and has daily homework with his Legs Up the Wall.
  3. He was practicing in-person. There’s nothing wrong with practicing at home. However, when we’re testing new levels, it’s far safer and more reassuring when we have a teacher observing and assisting. Human beings are super tricky. Far too often, when we’re left to our own devices, we have the tendency to overstrain and “go for a posture”. That’s not really what happened in this situation. Here- Jim redefined his potential, which resulted in improved mobility and relief.

Restrictions are often accompanied by sensation. Sometimes that sensation can even be intense.

The most wonderful aspect of our Kaiut practice is that we have a “laboratory” where we can observe ourselves and our habits, we can test, and we can reconnect with ourselves as well as our human nature. In my opinion, it’s quite beautiful and a profound tool.

With deep love and appreciation-

Kristin & the KYB/L team

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P.P.S. Don’t miss Francisco this July. He’ll be teaching (via PTZ technology) a 7 Day Practice Intensive as well as Morning Sessions. Register here.