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Deb, Sacramento CA

"Three and a half years ago I was hit by a car riding my bicycle. The right side of my body took a beating, and my right ankle was shattered. Now I’m “healed”, but my ankle has limited mobility & my right side is weak. Enter Darvin and the practice of Kaiut Yoga. Darvin encouraged me to go to a Kaiut workshop in Cali where I live. He encouraged me to meet Francisco and keep an open mind about the possibilities of Kaiut. I did so and am so glad as I can feel my ankle getting stronger and more flexible. After an intensive weekend working with Francisco, Darvin worked with me exclusively to help me gain flexion, get stronger and equalize the left & right sides of my broken body. He’s thoughtful, supportive & inquisitive about my journey with Kaiut. I am confident he’d be your advocate for a healthy mind and body through the practice of Kaiut Yoga."

Phil, Boulder

"When I think of Kristin’s teaching, two words come to mind: confidence and clarity. Kristin guides me exactly into the position that I need to explore during my Kaiut practice. I’ve made great strides under her guidance and look forward to deepening my practice."

Debbie, Boulder

"Thank you Craig, for an amazing class last night. I made the ridiculous comment that “I would pay for it tomorrow”, however, I was way off. Last night after your class and this morning, I felt wonderful. The class was terrific and your teaching style was motivating, comprehensive (very important to me) and relaxing. I can’t convey how important doing Kaiut Yoga is to me. You made my first day PERFECT!"

Trudi F, Boulder

"Kristin is a true leader in her field. As a Kaiut Yoga teacher, Kristin’s warm and caring approach invites me to return to her classes. I continue to appreciate her deep understanding of the practice. Her choice of words brings clear direction and makes me feel as though she is specifically speaking to me and my many restrictions. She reminds me to focus on the yoga rather than the effort to achieve a goal. I always leave her classes in a better place than when I came in."

Dita H, Boulder

"Kristin is an amazingly talented acupuncturist who specializes in helping women balance their hormones and endocrine system. So when she recommended that I try Kaiut yoga to support my natural healing process, I happily followed her into the yoga studio. And the results for me have been life-changing. Through Kaiut yoga, I have learned to tune into my own body and reset my own nervous system. As a Kaiut yoga teacher, Kristin is able to expand her healing powers and work her magic on an entire classroom of eager students. Through the soothing cadence of her voice, Kristin clearly and compassionately guides her classes through ever-changing sequences that address the areas of the body in which we all hold tension and experience discomfort. I highly recommend Kristin as a Kaiut yoga teacher for any body!"