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The Concept 2020

Teacher Training – The Concept – Module 1

Learn about the foundational elements of Yoga and how Kaiut Yoga came to be a lineage of yoga that serves the modern body and mind. Through practice and lecture format, you will explore the principle elements of Kaiut Yoga. All participants will return home with 30 sequences and a yearning to deepen their personal practice to deliver the...

Continuing Education - Standing Poses - Kaiut Workshop

Continuing Education – Standing Poses – September 2019

Empower your teaching and deepen your personal practice with standing poses. As we continue to evolve in our practice and work with gravity in different ways, standing poses offer a valuable insight into our restrictions and limitations. In this 3 day training, Francisco Kaiut will teach us how to use standing poses effectively to break down patterns as you generate...

Living the Method - Kaiut Workshop

Living the Method Workshop with Francisco Kaiut

A culmination of Francisco’s life work, Living the Method is a weekend immersion into the Kaiut Yoga Method. Like any living entity, this workshop is consistently evolving to meet the needs and go beyond the expectations of its participants. No two Living the Method workshops are the same as Francisco and his teachers intimately design each weekend according to the...

Open Sessions with Francisco Kaiut

Open Sessions with Francisco Kaiut

The innovator of The Kaiut Method, Francisco Kaiut, will be leading a series of classes in Boulder during the week of September 9th 2019. Pre-registration is recommended. Drop in’s can be accommodated as space allows....

Yoga & Self Healing

Yoga & Self Healing – Francisco speaks with Dayna from The Hanuman Academy

Leading up to the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, The Hanuman Academy speaks with Francisco Kaiut. Francisco talks about Yoga as a healing tool and how it can be used to return nature to mankind. Also, how Kaiut Yoga Method acknowledges the modern lifestyle and embraces technology, the P.A.W. concept (The Power Available Within), the purpose and origins of yoga and...

Sita Gloria Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga Boulder Travels to Brazil 2019

In less than a month, we’ll be headed to Brazil. All three of us- Craig, Darvin, and Kristin- are going this year to deepen our studies and improve our teaching skills. We’re so excited to be able to spend 8 days in retreat with Francisco. Everything will be taken care of so that we can focus on practice and connection....