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Lungs and Nature

Lung Health and Kaiut Yoga

As we move toward being in public again, there’s no doubt that many of us are focused on boosting our immune system and keeping our lungs healthy. Lung health has only recently become more of a public health concern with a circulating upper respiratory virus. In general, lung health is not something that most of us spend a lot of time...

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Support Your Immunity with Kaiut Yoga

As one of the oldest traditions available to us, yoga has historically been used as a way for humans to enhance and maintain their overall health. Specifically, yoga has a powerful effect on the immune system. With current events, it’s vital to have a tool like Kaiut Yoga at your disposal so that your immune system can operate at its...

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Kaiut Yoga and Autoimmune Conditions

From the Western mindset, many of us think of yoga as “a good stretch” or something to counterbalance our cardiovascular, physical activities. Very few of us approach yoga with the expectation that a daily practice could be used as an effective and reliable tool to make positive gains in our health and wellness. These days, autoimmune conditions are a health...