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Support Your Immunity with Kaiut Yoga

As one of the oldest traditions available to us, yoga has historically been used as a way for humans to enhance and maintain their overall health. Specifically, yoga has a powerful effect on the immune system. With current events, it’s vital to have a tool like Kaiut Yoga at your disposal so that your immune system can operate at its...

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Kaiut Yoga and Autoimmune Conditions

From the Western mindset, many of us think of yoga as “a good stretch” or something to counterbalance our cardiovascular, physical activities. Very few of us approach yoga with the expectation that a daily practice could be used as an effective and reliable tool to make positive gains in our health and wellness. These days, autoimmune conditions are a health...

Kaiut Yoga Boulder Interviews

KYB Interviews: Student Spotlight – Leslie

With two years of practice under her belt, Janee- a long-time nature lover and athlete- has noticed a significant change in her health. In this interview with Kristin, Janee tells us how Kaiut Yoga has impacted her life. She shares her story openly and also shares her excitement in continuing her learning. Those of you who love to be active will...


Is Low Back Pain About Your Back?

If you experience back pain, you’re not alone. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. According to a survey taken in 2013, 33.7% of people aged 65 or older report that they have experienced back pain over the last 3 months which is a 12% rise from 1997....

Renae Molden Teaching

What Kaiut Yoga Means to Me

This week- Renae Molden of Austin, Texas shares how her life has been impacted by the method that has touched so many. Renae’s experience with Kaiut Yoga has inspired her to share the method. We’re thrilled for Renae as she takes the next steps in opening her Kaiut Yoga Austin school in the heart of Texas....