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23 Jan.

Extended Class Series – Foundations

Jan 23, 2021

Join us Saturday, January 23rd, from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM MT for a special extended class.

This first session will begin to build on the fundamentals for a consistent Kaiut Yoga practice. In this two-hour session- you will learn more about the background and logic of the Kaiut Yoga Method and how you can use yoga as a tool for self-care.

Many of us have the tendency to think that our bodies must fail us as we age. With the proper mindset and attitude, we can use Kaiut Yoga to age with more grace, mobility, and confidence.

In this first session, you will learn how to establish a strong foundation from which to practice. You will learn how to incorporate journaling into your yoga practice so that you continue to progress over the months and years of practice. You will enjoy the benefit of a longer class with more sustained poses.

Bring a notebook, your willingness, and curiosity. We will start the class with a 10-minute introduction, then we’ll practice for 90-100 minutes and close with Q & A.

Whether you’re new to the practice or if you’re a regular student, you’ll enjoy this sweet opportunity to learn more about Kaiut Yoga’s key concepts.

in practice - Extended Class Series - Foundations


This class will be held in-person at the Kaiut Yoga Boulder Meadow’s school location and will be offered Live Online via ZOOM.  The max capacity for our in-person classes is currently at 15.  Click here for more information about our in-person classes and cleaning protocols.

Please register below.  If you register for [ONLINE w/ ZOOM], the zoom link will be provided in the registration email.  If you do not receive the registration email or have any questions please contact us.

The class is valued at:

$42 for Kaiut Yoga Boulder members

$55 for non-members


Kristin Savory

January’s extended class is taught by Kristin Savory. Kristin has been practicing Kaiut Yoga for nearly a decade. She first came to the practice because of back pain from her pregnancies. Even though she was using alternative therapies for pain management, nothing seemed to hold over time until she found Kaiut Yoga. Surprised at the results, Kristin (an acupuncturist) continued to study the Kaiut Yoga method for her own well-being. Over time, Kaiut Yoga has become her main modality for working with clients who want to live at their best.