Kaiut Yoga Dallas

Kaiut Yoga Dallas


Christina Teaching

Kaiut Yoga is intended to increase freedom of movement  In modern times, most of us live a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, motivated by what can be achieved and accomplished.  Our modern lifestyle adversely effects the biomechanics of the body, which creates stress to the nervous system and impairs brain function.  This lifestyle has an impact on our emotional, physical, and mental health.


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Francisco Kaiut is the creator of The Kaiut Method.  He lives in Curitiba, Brazil.  Francisco was inspired to develop his yoga method, driven by his need to manage his pain from a shooting accident when he was five years old.  He is a certified chiropractor and yoga master and has studied Cranial Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, as well as Polarity Therapy in the U.K.  Over time, through extensive research and development, Francisco has integrated the principals of all these health and wellness modalities to create a biomechanical yoga method designed to work with the modern body and mind.


Francisco Teaching

The Kaiut Method works with the body in the way that the body was designed by nature to move.  This is an inclusive method, using simple shapes to create a format of yoga accessible to all practitioners regardless of flexibility, strength, age, or experience.  The method aims to deliver consistent long-term healing results as opposed to creating aesthetic shapes.  It has been designed to work through chronic pain and injuries, general aches and stiffness, and work for the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body.

Class Schedule

Kaiut yoga Dallas


$25 per single 1 hour session

$115 for 5 class package

$220 for 10 class package

$400 for 20 class package


Classes are lead by Christina Siepiela, a Kaiut Yoga Certified Teacher 300h. Open to Members and Non Members.


Wednesdays 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Thursdays 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Saturdays 10:00AM – 11:00AM


Bent Tree Country Club

5201 Westgrove Drive Dallas, TX 75248

Living the Method Workshop

Kaiut Yoga Dallas is delighted to host Francisco once again for a weekend workshop. We invite you to join us to experience how this yoga method helps alleviate aches and pains, and overall stiffness in the body that results from our modern lifestyle. No prior yoga experience is required. This is yoga designed for everybody and every body type. All equipment is provided, including yoga mats.

With how popularity of this method is growing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area we suggest you book soon as space is limited.

Note: You do not need to be a member of the club to attend this workshop. The club welcomes non-member participants.

Can’t make it in person?  Join the workshop virtually on immerss.live.  

Dallas Living The Method - Kaiut Yoga Dallas


Fri Feb. 1 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Sat Feb. 2 10:00AM- 12:00PM
Sat Feb. 2 2:00PM- 4:00PM
Sun Feb. 3 10:00AM- 12:00AM


Bent Tree Country Club

5201 Westgrove Drive Dallas, TX 75248


$65 per single 2 hour session

$234 for the entire workshop (4 sessions)

$255 for the entire workshop w/ Saturday lunch (4 sessions)

(972) 746-5991

5201 Westgrove Dr, Dallas, TX 75248