Telluride Teacher Training 2019

4 Reasons to take a Kaiut Teacher Training

The Kaiut Method- even in its simplicity- draws people of all different backgrounds, from all over the world to seek out Teacher Trainings with Francisco Kaiut.

Some students have aspirations of becoming a Kaiut Yoga teacher. However, most of the students enrolled in the Teacher Training program have no desire to teach and want to learn more about the practice that has helped them to regain functionality in their bodies’ and daily lives.

Here are 4 reasons to enroll in a Kaiut Teacher Training even if you have no desire to teach.

  1. Understand the foundational concepts of Kaiut Yoga.Throughout all three levels of the Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training, you will gain more understanding of how Francisco developed the Kaiut Method and why it works for the modern body. With more background information, you will then be able to apply these concepts in your own practice.
  2. Establish a home-based practice.The real gem in any teaching is to be able to eventually develop a practice of your own. With some of the Kaiut sequences on hand, you are more adept at crafting a practice that you can start to enjoy at home or when traveling.
  3. Enjoy a greater understanding of your body.A key ingredient of healing involves learning more about your body. A dedicated week of Kaiut Yoga begins this journey of intimacy with your own self. Through the practice and Francisco’s teachings you may have the chance to question some of your ideas about your body and the aging process.
  4. Create a retreat for yourself.How often do we have the chance to take a “time out” in life to learn a little more about ourselves? A quieter, reflective space where we can practice, question our ideas or habitual patterns, and learn how to navigate our bodies is invaluable- regardless of our stage in life. Francisco has taught students as young as their early 20’s and continues to inspire people in their 80’s. Maybe this Teacher Training is just what you need to feel confident in how you approach your health and well-being.

We are pleased to announce that Francisco Kaiut will be starting his three-part Teacher Training series in Boulder at Kaiut Yoga Boulder in 2020. The Concept Teacher Training begins January 10th and runs through the 18th. To register for the event, click here.

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