Kaiut Yoga is Simple

Kaiut Yoga uses simple and accessible shapes to achieve profound results. When simplicity produces effective results, complexity within a yoga practice is not a necessity.

Intelligent Use of Gravity

The Kaiut Method regularly uses the floor and the wall as to eliminate the challenging aspects of gravity or balance- and, to maximize the results of the shapes and sequencing.

Positions Can Be Modified

In Kaiut Yoga, we modify positions so that the shape can work for every practitioner regardless of flexibility or injuries. The trained Kaiut teacher can adapt to any student's needs and abilities.

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Positive Stress

Have you ever noticed the more you try to not be stressed, the more stress you create? It’s a vicious cycle of denying, avoiding, and exhausting yourself trying to keep it all picture perfect.  If stress...

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Kaiut Yoga and Metabolism

Climbing is as much a mental game as a physical one. During a Kaiut Yoga class, students are able to practice a variety of mental challenges. KY includes attention/awareness practices that stimulate new neural connections...

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Kaiut Yoga

Regardless of how you landed here, your story matters.

Whether you have a diagnosis, a history of injuries or surgeries, or you’d like to go to the next level in improving your health, we want to get to know you.

Kaiut Yoga is a simple and profound yoga practice that is designed to meet the challenges that accompany modern-day life.

At Kaiut Yoga Boulder, we take the time to get to know your unique situation and your health history so that we can customize the practice to meet your needs effectively.

The Kaiut method is a biomechanical yoga practice designed by Francisco Kaiut to serve the modern body and modern mind. The Kaiut Yoga Method is deeply influenced by Francisco’s professional practice as a chiropractor and his education in craniosacral and polarity therapies, deep tissue massage, and hatha yoga.

Imagine that your yoga mat is a treatment table that has sunk into the ground. That is the exact picture that Francisco had in mind as his work developed. He saw that yoga could be used as a personal healing tool for all.

There was only one catch.

The practice had to be accessible for everyone and meet the needs of the modern human.

Even in a physically active town like Boulder, most people sit a lot. The average American is now estimated to sit over 6 hours each day. Sitting [driving, working, dining, etc.] takes a toll on bodies that are meant to move.

Prolonged sitting has been correlated to weight gain, heart disease, osteoporosis, and anxiety/depression.

The Kaiut Method works from the joints to maintain and return the body to an optimal structure and function, allowing the internal systems to function as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. By focusing on the joints as opposed to stretching the muscles, students can work with the root cause behind their pain.

The Kaiut Method works with the body in the way that the body was designed by nature to move. This is an inclusive method, using simple shapes to create a format of yoga accessible to all practitioners regardless of flexibility, strength, age, or experience.

The method has been designed to work through chronic pain & injuries, general aches & stiffness, and work for the inflexible, hyper-flexible, and the aging body.

Classes at Kaiut Yoga Boulder allow students- like you- to access their personal potential. This practice is a tool that promotes freedom in your body and mind, extends life, and establishes a more relaxed, balanced approach to everyday life.

If you’re still wondering if Kaiut Yoga is the right practice for you, then we’d love to invite you to a complimentary class. Come check out a class on us. If you would like to explore the method further, then you can register for one month of unlimited classes at $57. Come experience what one month of Kaiut Yoga can do for you!